I would say one more book of Chetan (Neither good, nor bad).  I am a big fan of FPS and 2 States.  No other books came close to these two (personal opinion). I couldn’t figure out why the book was titled “Revolution 2020”. And the “Love, corruption, ambition” thing, I could understand “love” and also to some extent the  “corruption” part, but why ambition?

A one time read, I would not go back to the story again, where as I go back to FPS, whenever I am messed. The book has no direct message/learning, although if one wants, many implicit learning’s could be forked out. With every book the writer improves, but I think Chetan prefers sticking to the masses, I can clearly see the reason behind choosing the city “Varanasi” and all …(it’s a gimmick to attrack more readership from the tier 2 and tier 3 cities). Which is going to help improve the numbers, but at what cost?

As a CB reader, the number of copies his book sells is irrelevant to me. Please, Chetan be what you are and twicking the story to improve numbers is so “bollywood-ish”. I will rate the book 2 out of 5, the ‘2’ is for the style of writing.

Expecting a lot more from you CB!