Men are increasingly turning into Omega men, as opposed to the Alpha male

–  they sleep in late, live with their parents and don’t have regular salaried jobs – but still happy with their lives.

On a typical day, he wears tatty clothes, plays computer games and “works on his music”. He does his washing and cooks his meals, and is usually single.

Okay contents above are a courtesy – The Sunday Times.

But hey- hold on a second, that concept has struck something in my mind. The title of “Omega man” seems suitable, something that i can live with, no unrealistic expectations of being a “alpha man“.

When our society cries out loud, day in and out for eliminating gender discrimination, this concept works as a catalyst and helps in the formation of a level playing field for both the genders.

I sort don’t seem to understand, by default why the man in the house has to play the lead role compulsively, isn’t the idea of sharing household responsibilities cool?

Let me know your views folks. G-day!