I am intentionally writing this post in “English” and i have been posting a lot of content in “Hindi” also. Just to prove that we indeed respect and use many languages. But “Marathi” is our identity and i am proud of it, so i don’t think there is anything wrong in doing that. People coming from other states can come in Maharashtra, stay here, grow here and may also settle here. We will treat them as guests, and as the famous saying goes “Athiti devo bhava“, we truly oblige by that.

A statement that hurts me and is repeatedly made by the self-proclaimed  “intellectual” people i.e, Media, is that “Mumbai is loosing its cosmopolitan culture”. I strongly condemn this statement and just wish to ask a question to all the self-proclaimed  “intellectuals” that, does being “cosmopolitan” mean that you lose your identity?.

As long as Mumbai and Maharashtra was ignoring the unaccounted flow of all sorts of people from all around this country, everything was “cosmopolitan” and the moment the people of Maharashtra raised a voice for their rights, we become hooligans.

I want to state that it was the vision and the ground work done by our leaders, that has made Maharashtra and Mumbai, what they are today. It is because Maharashtra and Mumbai developed and opened itself for everyone willing to work hard and earn a living for himself, that attracted others. It is our social fabric that has bared the burden of  a very diversified society. But everything has a limit and now it is high time.

If the people who were born in Maharashtra, who have been living here since generations and are “Marathi”, are not going to get the fruits of the hard work of their ancestors, then who is supposed to get it? What is the use of developing cities like Mumbai,Pune, Nasik and Nagpur, if the youngsters living in the villages of Maharashtra are not going to get there share in the development.

The debate could go on and on. The bottom line is that, the local people of a state should be given a priority in their state. So, Biharis should be given a preference in Bihar (provided that the government and leaders of Bihar do their bit for the Biharis),  Tamilians should be given preference in Tamil Nadu and so on. We never demanded that, Maharashtrians  should be given reservations all across India or Marathi be made the national language of India.

We are just asking for our rights.

– जय महाराष्ट्र!