2 States: The story of my marriage2 states img_book_4_cover is the fourth novel of Chetan Bhagat (CB).  Let me start from the cover and printing of the book. The cover is good, not too tacky like the “The three mistakes..”, but printing quality is below standards, I’m wondering if they played a bit with the printing and paper quality, just to cut back on costs and keep the price of the book at Rs. 95 (And I have bought an original print).

2 States is a trademark CB book from the very first word till the end. It has the same magic of CB that has made reading fun and I read it somewhere that “India is a reading like never before” because of CB. Reports say “2 States is selling like hot cakes”.

2 States for me was a “grown up and toned down” novel. I call it “grown up” because, the novel is more about life after college and “toned down” because I think life out of campus is more civilized. The main character Krish, I think gets the girl Ananya, far too easily to be true, but the emphasis was on the marriage, so Krish was bound to get Ananya without much effort. The intimacy between the characters grows lightening fast, again emphasis being the marriage the first kiss and (you know what :P) happens too early in the story. Ananya and Krish start with studying together, then sleeping together and then staying together. And again the two years of IIMA pass away in a flash.

I remember reading that after FPS, CB was criticized that he writes for college kids and not the real youth and because of this “One night …” came up, to portray the life out of college. I think this novel follows that trend. One thing to mention, the way in which Krish proposes Ananya amidst an interview with some big MNC didn’t go down well with me, appears too filmy! (CB still not out of the “Hell-oh” fiasco.) Then starts the corporate life, depiction of the office staff was nice and the ambiguity which Krish has to face while choosing his job location is very witty.

Then Krish enters Chennai (a.k.a Chain- nahi!), first few people he meets and he knows that he has landed at a wrong place, but he is well aware about his reasons for being in Chennai. A fun loving, youthful, just out of the college Punjabi boy in Chennai is something like opposites ends of the road. But trust me, the book gains momentum from here and everything that happens with Krish in Chennai is going to be the reason behind the success of 2 States. The stark differences in the life style of Punjabi and Tamilians is the crux of this book. The struggle that Krish faces convincing Ananya’s parents and the struggle that Ananya faces understanding Krish’s mother is really interesting. Krish’s hypocrite father suddenly turns into a hero at two instances, but this part of the story is also good.

All in all a good read if you are a fan of CB and for anyone reading CB for the first time will be getting complete value for his 95 bucks! The instances in the story which takes us back to the FPS is fascinating and is my favorite part of the book. The idea of connecting 2 States and FPS is awesome and it has worked.

PS: Please buy the original copy of 2 States and avoid piracy.