Cricket in its new avtar is something like “just what the doctor prescribed!!”. This format of the game is full of adrenaline right from the very first ball to the last one. Highly unpredictable, just a few dot balls, a wicket or a six can change the match. Everyone biting nails, glued to their seats all the time, not a single dull moment.

Cricket 20-20 creates a win-win situation for everyone involved, “paisa-vasool” entertainment for the crowds (plus the cheer girls :P), players are earning a fortune and so are the owner of the teams. Surprisingly here is something that I found on the IPL page of Wikipedia “The Indian Government earned Rs 91 crore as tax revenue from the 1st season of the IPL”. Now thats not bad at all.

Season 2 of IPL was held in South Africa and the show only got bigger and better. Now I think for season 3, keep your fingers crossed sky is going to be the limit. News is also out that 2 more franchises would be added in 2011.

Cricket in this form has opened the gates to glory and fame for the youngsters wide open. Performance is instantly appreciated and rewarded. Cricketers from every corner of the world have got a huge stage to display their talent and fulfill their dreams. Cricket was and will always be the religion of our country. Cricket 20-20 is just working as a catalyst.

I am sure this slam-bang version of cricket will have its effects on the cricketers too, for me it’s simply “nerve-wrenching”, but as they say “It’s all about the money, honey!”.

The IPL and the Champions League can be called as copy-paste of EPL and UEFA Champions League. But what difference does it make as long as Cricket is benefiting from it. This version of cricket is sure to spread the sport far and wide across this planet.  Cricket 20-20 has certainly brought me back to “cricket”… I’m lovin it!!