Every day I wake up I’m more motivated, more determined and more convinced, we have set a target for ourselves and it is “India 2020“. A dream that we all are going to unleash.  “Made in India” tag gives me a sense of pride, honour and confidence on the goods that I spend my hard earned money on.

India is now eager to open itself to the world, embrace world markets, be pioneers rather than merely follow the global trends, set new benchmarks in quality and top of everything “be green” i.e, conscious about the environment.  India is now ready to pose its products in the global arena. India, now is not shy of marketing itself to the world.

The major role here has to be played by our business houses. To name a few I would mention the names of Bajaj and Videocon particularly.  Bajaj and Videocon are first and foremost Indian brands and have a reputation of being value players in the market. They were more focused on the volumes than quality and consumer satisfaction. But they have changed for good.

The value player tag is always good, there is really not much practicality in being the Rolls Royce and Ferrari’s of the world. In today’s time volumes, quality, consumer experience, brand identity, intelligent marketing  are all quintessential.

The businesses need to focus on the young consumers who have a new global mind-set. A brand must find newer and better ways to inspire their consumers.

Indian brands have to always maintain rationality and spontaneity in their business practices so as to constantly evolve to fulfill what the end consumer desires and must not be afraid to think out of the box and try something new.

Watch the two new commercials from Bajaj and Videocon, they will speak for themselves.

Jai Hind.