The terrorist’s also known as non-state actors in Pakistan have once again displayed their efficacy of hitting their targets, The Sri Lankan cricket team has been targeted point blank. Some six players along with their assistant coach were among the victims of this barbaric act. They were targeted and considering the modus operandi it’s obvious that it is a well planned and monitored attack. So no one can really claim that it was some bunch of foreign infiltrators on the Pakistani soil. I’m only thankful to the government that they didn’t allow the Indian cricket team to tour Pakistan, just for an instance consider, what would have happened if the Indian cricket team were to be in place of Sri Lankans.

In my recent post I put forth that attack on Pakistan is not even an option with us, keeping in mind the 26/11. Now this attack has made me rethink that view. Pakistan is a failed state now, with what is happening in the Swat province of Pakistan. The quite acceptance of the namesake Pakistani government is even more shocking and alarming. Now all we can do is wait and watch the whole of Pakistan to fall in the hands of extremists along with their nukes or rather do something like what Israelis did in Gaza. I am against this move, but we are being forced into taking such actions. The situation can only get worse from here. We must not wait for Al-Qaeda to come knocking at our doors and enter our territory. We must be proactive here rather than being reactive.

 Time has shown that no amount of intelligence and security measures can hold on before such fanatic people. They will do what they have to and we are making fools out of ourselves by trying to guess their moves. They’re hitting targets at will and we have seen how hard and accurate they can hit. Our Home Minister has already warned that terrorists are going to be active during these general elections. We are left to guess what’s next.

 An action on the line of Gaza is going to be a disaster and is not something with which India as a country would like to be associated with, but I personally see no other way of confronting this grave issue and as I already said, “we would be fools, if we play the wait and watch game”.