I’m thinking again, the only thing that I’m good at (I think so!!). One of my closest friend, one day out of the woods scrapped me on orkut about what he thinks is wrong with me. This was it… 

 “You don’t want to follow others and what you think for yourself you never do it. This is where you have got stuck in life.”

Thanks Niket. Some might not like such an open criticism but I’m all ears to it and wasn’t I made to think on it? I agree every word is true and that is what I am, may be wrong but I need to give my explanations.

For me to follow something, it has to appeal me, which I think is very normal with anyone around, just my criteria’s are a bit weird and as friends say they are a tad too idealistic and impractical. So I am not going to ask you for your views on this (but I won’t mind even if you do!!). Now all I want to do is make sure that I do at least one thing out of the above mentioned, that is either follow something that appeals to me or have an immense amount of faith in my own self to follow the path that my mind wants me to. Some thing that can be put as….

First they ingore you
Then laugh at you, and hate you
Then they fight you
Then you win.

Today morning I went to drop my Mamaji for his bus to Pune, while driving as usual we were having our gyaan session, which off lately I have been a keen listener to, cause he is the only person around who’s reasoning appeals to me, his way of looking at the things around is something of which I’m a big time admirer, I wish if I can stay with him longer and have this frequent gyaan sessions, but as they say good things are hard to come.          


“Never expect justice from this world and

 Justice Lies in the hand of the one who has power”

This was the conclusion of the morning session, read it once again if you have overlooked it. There is a very deep meaning to it. I am a chronic complainer, everyone is and I think the most stressful thing is that when you are unhappy/dissatisfied with your surroundings, about which you are helpless. We rumble about everything that is beyond our control but rather it can all be resolved if you can be a bit flexible and to put it straight… by adjustmarri.

 “I wish everything that I can’t live by.”

That is not the way I like it, but it is the only way always it turns out.

Getting back to words of my Mamaji, I feel that we all think, what happens to us is not fair. But looking it from another perspective, nothing is unfair we, all live by our deeds. Summing it all up I’d say that regarding this thought, the term power, here means the control we yield over ourselves and the way we handle the things that happen to us. All it sounds good but I don’t want to do it that way, may be I’m being arrogant and impractical as always, but I still cant convince myself enough to do it this way.                      

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