I know I don’t make much sense when I say that why we are not all passionate, the same applies to me as well. Why don’t we do what we really want? Why always are we pushed and pulled around by the circumstances? Why we just can’t be constant in our viewpoint? Instead of we I should have really used me here but I don’t want to sound sarcastic. So you might have guessed it by this time that my MIND is rumbling again. I’m in love and want to be loved in turn (Shit!! I just can’t stop loosing my track).


It’s always easier said than done, and I prefer doing the easier part. Today I came across Cadbury Bournville’s latest TV advertisement; it has a great lesson to learn. “…you have to earn it…” the mantra of the good old times, what we seem to have forgotten is coming back to us the hard way. Yeah you are right I am talking about the recession.


Long enough have we neglected the basics of how we grew, how we overcame our shortfalls, we have broken the laws of nature. Greed has taken a prime spot in our lives; all we look for is all play and no work. Especially the IT sector, being an Engineer myself I know what approach I have while studying. All I strive for is getting through the papers, not one bit do we think of reasoning behind what we study (It’s a personal view).


I bet I know all the right things that I need know, but hell!! All the time procrastination wins, is it natural? All I know is I really have not much control over anything that happens around me. Seeking wisdom.., learning from experiences…is what I term my setbacks as, (oh!! I was talking about the recession)


Well I really don’t wish to give my perspective on the economy (actually my opinion wouldn’t be of all that help, so let’s not get into the details…I know you’d be relieved by that) but none the less and as always happens that the obvious is oblivious. So all I get out of all the unending discussions and financial analysis of the markets world over is that we have landed ourselves in a big soup, we have dig our own grave, okay I don’t wish to scare you away from here, but facts are facts and long enough we have evaded the tough questions…now is the time for all of us to get our act together, discipline our selves, live by our means and save for the rainy day. Mindless consumerism is fatalistic and we have had enough of it.  


Now how do we get out of it, one thing for sure we can’t wait and watch for the tide to pass because then it would have a horrible aftermath with billions of hard earned savings washed away, we cant just keep bailing out time and again the various sectors with the taxpayers money….so what are we going to do…I suggest at an individual level, no matter how vague it might feel, start to check our spending habits, make a note of our daily expenses (I said it’s vague but trust me it works), the means by which we travel to work and study harder. We need to generate more knowledge based jobs, we need to get back to doing research, inventing new things, smarter means of transport, high speed and reliable connectivity….blah, blah, blah!!!.                                            



This “Earn it” mantra works in all walks of life education, family relations, friendship and yeah Love too!