I have had enough of it now, let’s not make it a do or die issue; we don’t want to make an Afghanistan or Iraq of our democratic, secular and developing nation. War has its consequences and there is no escaping it, it’s tough, it’s brutal and it is damaging. We can express all our angst against the system and our leaders and the ugly events that are happening around us, yes we do need to vent it out, but not by bombing some of the shit holes across our borders. There is a good saying in Hindi which goes like,


      Kichad me pathar maro ge to kichad hi udega“.


Yes this is the naked truth; the people there aren’t aware of what they are supporting, they might feel happy by killing some innocents in the name of religion, a.k.a Jihad, they might feel that they can really win over us by poking a stick at our back time and again, they might think that we’d react to their cowardly acts, but time has shown that when we give a reply it’s never by some clandestine means, we hit straight and we hit hard and we triumph. Their government is not really autonomous and is for sure under pressure of the extremists organizations.     


All we need to do is just make sure that there are no more lapses in our system, yes I agree that this will be repeated or at least such attempts are in the offering and we are never really going to get rid of it, because we are not fighting an enemy, we are facing some cowards that don’t even claim responsibility for their own men’s corpses who die fighting for them (what a pity!), but every time some thing like this happens we need to learn a lesson.


The whole moral is that we should not repeat the mistake that USA did after 9/11, they have been on a war a.k.a war on terror, and we know they are getting nowhere with it. Their economy is in shambles, the fundamental of their existence i.e., free markets is under threat. This is all just a result of trying too many things simultaneously and this has cost them dearly. No one knows where to go; all their big banks and industries are nearing bankruptcy. This is what I call loss to national focus. It is really going to take them a lot of time to come out of this.


What are we going to learn from this, as it is said that the one who learns from others mistake is the smartest. So military confrontation is not even an option before us and we can be rest assured that Pakistanis don’t have that much of gut in them to attack and win a battle against us, all that they can do is fight with help of foreign terrorists who are not under there command. Do visit the link below for getting an experts input on the topic and conclusion is that we are not attacking them, not because we are not capable but we just know this what they exactly want and in a war doing what the enemy expects from us is a biggest blunder.    




As far as the political stability of our nation is concerned we all know that this could have happened even if the current opposition parties would have been in power. So if the impact of this incident is concerned Congress should not be really worried about it and as seen in the recent elections, although BJP tried to make terrorism an issue against the ruling Party they have been given a thumbs down by the voters.  In fact Delhi results were a great surprise even for the Congress.


All said and done I really wish we had some solution on this problem, some remedy for this disease. But all I could say is unless the people of Pakistan and the bureaucrats there feel to act and put an end to terrorism on their soil, we really won’t be all that effective. I want to make our neighbors aware of the fact that the thing which they have started is surely going to backfire on them. So the message has been pretty simple and obvious and that is live and let live.