Now where do I start? Fore mostly I would love and fell proud to mention that I think myself as a global citizen first and then rest follows (I.e., Indian, Maharashtrian and Brahmin). The “Marathi Manoos” issue has been kept in news for long enough now.


 “Nobody is wrong, nobody is correct and nobody knows where we are heading “.  


I want to ask How is Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh and what is there right on advising the Maharashtrians regarding whom should we listen to and for that matter who has given the authority to Raj for protecting the Marathi heritage.


I feel that and is indeed true that we Indians still are very divided within ourselves, it might be because of the diversity we dwell in. All we lack is a firm nationalist feeling within ourselves, we only become Indian when something like Kargil happens. I am also not a hardliner on extremist nationalism; we also have seen the aftermath of that in the history.


But all I intend to say is lets get united in a real sense and use all our energies in nation building, get aware of the new age challenges like energy dependency, global warming, the ever growing population, etc. Look forward and invest in future rather than reminiscing about the past. Look at what America has been through the last 21 months, the change they have brought and I am sure this is just the beginning. While we in our nation, the melting pot of the most diverse cultures is hopelessly divided and governed by the people who don’t deserve to be at their positions.


 I feel ashamed of our leaders when I look at Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lal Krishna Advani, Amar Singh, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jai Lalita, Mamta Banerjee, Raj Thackrey and the list goes on and on, do these leaders have the capability to think on a global playing field which is becoming increasingly competitive day in and day out, do they have a global vision, do they know where the future lies, where are the future jobs, where is the technology going, what is going to next big thing that we need to get before anyone else gets there and acquire a leading position in the world.


I feel frustrated when I hear that we dream of building Shanghai in Mumbai and our national news channels running contests for searching India’s Obama, where are our future leaders, I see nobody in that league and it’s depressing and alarming. How long are we going to contest and win elections on the issues of the past like the Ayodhaya, castes and religions, how long are we going to subsidize our bad habits with oil, how long are we going to shield our markets from global competitions, how along do we intend to be a developing country and when are we going to build a global brand “India”?


Why do we always follow, why don’t we lead for a change, do something ground breaking, show the world the next big thing, lead by an example, work for our nation. Hats off to Americans for what they have achieved. I was religiously following up the elections and as we all know Barack Obama won only because of the issue of the economy, but I have never seen something like this in my own nation, our politicians have made our government and New Delhi a big spoilt curry, me in whole of my years have never seen a firm majority on any damn issue or bill that we have, is the meaning of an opposing party is only to oppose no matter whatever may be the issue. I agree that there are ideological differences but all that our politicians do is dogfights in parliament, there is a thing called as constructive criticism which our leaders need to understand.


If all we ever do is all that we have ever done

Then all we will ever get is all that we have ever got


The world is at a brink of change and if we don’t follow it we would again be where we were and then we would have earned that place for us and still be seen as a third world nation.