I just cant think for a better tittle for my blog posts and well it isn’t bothering me for the time being, as i continue to exhibit my so called “depth” of thinking  (aka., random rumbles).

From where do i start and brag for anything and everything that`s around and about me. The battle within appears to be seamless, endless and at the same time truly meaningless.

The “me” within me , the Mr.Right is inn and out in phases and believe me  it seems to be a conspiracy and i`m the exterior “me” who`s bearing the brunt of the actions of the inner “me”.

One outright question, if you`re the one who favors trivia, “does the mingling, mixing and jamming that precedes our actions/deeds/misdeeds shape up in our mind or heart”.

The geeks would by now almost set to prove their prowess and burp out some unspellable, unpronounciable and absurd names of some enzymes.

” out of options” i believe in medical science, but if the world agrees and obliges to medical science, then isn’t all the mumbo-jumbo around the judiciary system and the law forming agencies a big useless chunk of our existing society.

If everything a human does is not him but some enzymes that his body secretes, then is he/she really liable for there actions , i wonder and can only wonder because the enzymes make me wonder and are making you curse me now.

So, next time we point out some one for no matter what has happened , we need to pause for a while and ponder whether did that person really intended to do whatever has been done and are we really supposed to react the way we will or just let everything go away and blame the enzymes.

I said its a conspiracy.