Welcome to all my friends, foes and whoever has stepped in, i owe these to my culture that i`ve being brought up into, as we are taught to receive the guests and ghosts who visit us with equanimity.

Its me , my world, my life, my problems and its my wins and just me. I`m a bit puzzling, actually totally weird in my own way ( u`d get a feel of mine in this very same thing about the various things i think for and manipulate them…watch it!!) . I see things in a different perspective, i feel every action has a wider effect on our living than we let it or acknowledge it to be, i can never let my conscience down, it always crops up every time and again. I have some very active self-destructive/self-deprecating/insane/paranoiac tendencies.

In the another view, there also is a romantic dimension of mine which i haven`t explored (rather not dared to explore), yet i have had my share of all those first crushes and i have thoroughly lived them (only on my part.. he he!!), about girls i know my kinds well (i think so !!), its like having an intuition which i get when the so called my type of girls are around. This “intuition” phenomena is a kind of risky thing to have yet we all have it, whether to follow it or rather abstain from it is certainly our choice and we all have already came across the various consequences of the choice one makes.

If i am not wrong the third dimension of mine has to be that of the musician/lyricist that is imbibed in me. Its an inexplicable feeling, whenever i come across something in words that`s near to me or articulates my thoughts im euphoric at that instance, the pleasure which i gain from it is very short lived but it really makes me live this life it acts as an ATP ( Adenosine tri-phosphate) molecule, i get a feel that i was breathing until now just for it.

Living through this life and experiencing  the Grey, white and  black phases that we all go through makes me wonder on the very fundamental of our existence, “do we really live ” or rather “brag our way out of it”, did it all happen because of a “big bang”, is there a real deep thought/purpose/reason for us to be here. Do you think god was left with no other work that he dropped us here and on top of that keeps an account of our boons and banes, our deeds and misdeeds, what a big mockery have we made of the very primary reason of our existence. I really wonder who invented GOD and even on top of that we have our own separate religions/ idols and some religions viz,. Hinduism has got a distinct idol to worship for every thing and anything that’s around, Hindus have even denominated each weekday and for that matter weekends in the name of different gods…. so a religious/ god fearing individual is shuffling all weekdays and weekends from one place of worship to the other, trying to keep in touch with every heavenly power …. common gimme a break ( all this will appeal you if you ever have had a first hand experience of this situation and believe me i`ve been through all this and i ain`t going that way anymore, lets wait and watch where i end up this time)

This whole “LIFE” called thing is really some sort of a mystery for me, i don’t know what is wrong or what might be right, its some times up and ya most of the times down, so let be it. I got to live it to the fullest, mind my own things, do my job and let the rest fall in its own place. I came with nothing and probably wont take anything along, so lets try to be sometimes good, at times bad and nothing for rest of the time.

Essence of Bhagavad Gita

Whatever has happened, has happened well,
whatever is happening, is happening well,
whatever is going to happen, will happen well.
what did you lose? what are you crying for?
what did you bring into this world for you to lose it?
what ever did you create for it to be wasted?
what ever you took was taken from here.
what ever you gave was given here.
what is yours today will belong to someone else tomorrow.
and the day after tomorrow it will belong to someother person
this is the way of this world.